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Viagra (sildenafil citrate) is taken by male patients that have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction and need to be using certain drugs to stimulate blood flow and ensure an erection. This drug has been designed for males only, and is not supposed to be taken by females. It's very important that you think about how you will be taking Viagra and discuss all the aspects of the treatment with your health care provider or online healthcare professional whose services are usually provided by good pharmacies. Buying Viagra from a foreign online pharmacy can be very cheap, and you are still getting the high quality drug you came looking for. This is why so many people prefer online shopping to getting a prescription and purchasing the medicine they want from their local pharmacy. You must make sure you never combine Viagra with diclofenac, antidepressants, HIV/AIDS medicines, antifungals, conivaptan, antibiotics, imatinib, heart or blood pressure medications, bosentan, isoniazid, enoxacin, rifampin, cimetidine, or any other medications you are taking before you have made sure no interactions are likely to occur.

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